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Hey there, random internet dweller, welcome to my website! My name is Michal Procházka, and I'm a student currently living in the Czech Republic.

5 days, 0 hours, 46 minutes & 44 seconds without an accident!

As of this time, there is not much of actual value yet. I grant you full permission to leave this website immediately.

However, if you actually have nothing better to do or have just found true boredom, you may check out the links I put on the bottom of this site (ordered left to right), where you can find my GitHub profile (where I work on cool projects), send me an e-mail about why this website is absolutely pointless, or set up your very own pointless website with the guidance of LandChad.net. Now who wouldn't want that?

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Either that, or you can watch this hilarious video I found on the internet the other day.

My ugly face

Alright, enough rambling. See you next time, when hopefully, I have already put something interesting here!

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Featured projects

Here's some cool stuff I have worked (or even am currently working!) on. I mostly just write software, but sometimes, hardware gets into the mix as well. Remember that most software I write is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 Free Software license, meaning that it is free for anyone to use, modify and share.

Polytone (and PTPlayer)

Written in: C

Polytone screenshot

My work-in-progress modern implementation of the Monotone tracker. It uses SDL2, so it runs on all major platforms (Linux, macOS and Windows). It uses its own file format for expanded effect values & pattern packing, but it still has the ability to import your old Monotone files. I will reveal more details soon-ish.

PTPlayer is the backend for Polytone, as it does the actual audio rendering of the file. I made it into a separate project, so that it can also be used as an independent player program (supplied in the repo), or that you can even incorporate it into your own productions, should you choose.


Written in: x86 assembly

MichalOS screenshot

A fork of MikeOS 4.5 with many enhancements (too many to list, you'll just have to try it out for yourself and see). It's the project that has kept me busy for the last 5 years and has taught me how computers actually work (machine code, memory mapping, I/O access etc.). I personally only use it in DOSBox as a music player, since it comes with some great AdLib tunes.

However, the codebase is such a mess now, that I am actually considering rewriting it entirely, and while I'm at it, I might try to figure out how to get a modern C compiler to generate x86 real mode binaries, so I don't have to mess around with x86 assembly anymore. I'm reasonably knowledgable in it now, but I'm by no means perfect. The OS is riddled with stupid bugs, most of which could have been avoided by using a higher-level language in the first place, such as C, which I'm coincidentally quite comfortable with.


Written in: MIPS R3000 assembly

Allows you to boot PlayStation 1 EXEs straight from the parallel port. Based on RomProd 0.2, but removed unnecessary code (mostly thanks to delay slot trickery) and added a LZ77 compressor/decompressor so that EXEs above 64 kB still have a chance to fit into the PlayStation's 64 kB parallel port memory limit.

Useful for programs like sioload, which allows you to upload EXEs to the PlayStation via a serial cable, but now it will boot instantly, even skipping the PlayStation's (sometimes annoyingly) long startup animation. (I know, the PS1 startup animation is amazing, but hearing it more than 10 times in a row because you screwed up somewhere in your code and need to reset the console makes you despise it...)

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